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A Steel Tray for Magnet-Minded Wargamers!

Fully-featured support for magnetized models in ShapeShift bags. Not just an attachment, but an entire tray made of metal that your magnetized minis will want to stick to.

The Stainless Chariot is made from 1 mm thick, stainless steel, bent to a shape that fits our bags. A lot of stainless alloys don’t have magnetic properties, but this one sure does! It also comes in a mirror finish that will put a smile on your face when you first see it.

To prevent the Stainless Chariot from cutting up your ShapeShift bag or your fingers, the edges of the tray have been sanded and the corners chamfered.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see how much of the tray is going to be taken up by the slots in your bag due to the bended edges. Note that many models will have to be positioned further away from the walls than that due to protruding arms, wings or weapons.

Despite the craftsmanship and premium material, the Stainless Chariot is 5€ cheaper than a ShapeShift Evo tray to account for the work you need to put in to magnetize your bases.

The Stainless Chariot is currently available in a size suitable for the Red Baron bag (pictured above), that is 210 by 230 mm, of which the usable space is around 190 by 230 mm.

Please note that the measurement of the width is not as precise as in the ShapeShift Evo tray. The Stainless Chariot is fabricated, not CNC-machined. There’s usually a few milimeters less than 190 in reality. One tray weighs around 330 grams.

Note also that a planned expansion for the Stainless Chariot will allow it to carry non-mangetized miniatures as well. The Stainless Chariot is also available in sets with the Red Baron bag.

Rare-earth magnets are sintered from hard metals and nickel-plated. They are harder than steel and will scratch the surface of our Stainless Chariot trays. In fact, they will scratch any non-hardened steel surface. However, unlike with galvanized steel, scratches on the Stainless Chariot will not corrode.

The name of the tray is a shameless tribute to the character Jean-Pierre Polnareff from Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure, as well as the series localisations’ tradition of butchering referenced names to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits outside of Japan. Phobos Foundry does not claim any copyrights to Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure or Jean-Pierre Polnareff. He was the hero we needed, but we didn’t deserve him.

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