Plastic-Industry Secrets You Can Use To Make Your Models Tougher Than Ever

Are Your Minis Falling Apart?

Have you ever had a miniature fall apart for no apparent reason immediately after gluing it? Do your minis break easily in transport? Are you fed up with repairing converted or painted models?

Here's some good news: with only a few tips used every day by manufacturers all around the world you can finally squeeze out the real strength of your glue. And, with some lesser-known tools, you can make your assembly time quicker and easier than ever!

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As a miniature hobbyist or wargamer you've probably had a model fall apart for no apparent reason, moments after putting it together. Or, worse yet, after it's already been painted! So was the advertising on your glue false? Why was the joint so weak?

The problem is, if you don't follow certain rules there's no way you'll achieve the rock-solid connections promised by adhesive producers. It doesn't matter what brand you use… Your carefully assembled and beautifully painted miniatures will simply break to pieces.

I want to show you exactly what you can do to avoid such hobby disasters... And start putting together some very tough minis!

Combining my knowledge of the plastic industry with 20 years of hobby experience, I wrote a guide which explains everything you need to know about assembling minis. (Probably more than you wanted to know, actually.)

You'll learn all about:

- the tools you can use to make assembly quick and painless;

- the types of glue used in the hobby and when to use them for maximum effect;

- preparing your miniatures before gluing;

- why glue fails and the easy steps you can take to prevent it;

- fixing poorly designed joints and making them work for you instead of against you;

- protecting your hard work with the best miniature transportation options available;

- and much more…

The guide covers all types of minis: metal, plastic and resin. And it's not just a collection of my opinions – these are the best practices that manufacturers around the world live by. They have gotten the art of proper gluing down to a science.

I've cherry-picked all of the most useful info and condensed it to over 60 pages worth of hobby knowledge with more than 40 pictures and illustrations. Available instantly in pdf format.

The price? It's absolutely FREE. There's really no good reason not to get your copy right now! All I'm asking for in return is your email address and a name. Don't you think that's a good deal?

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