The Adjustable Way
to Carry and Display Your Minis

Attention Miniature Hobbyist:
Do You Want To
Easily Carry, Store And Display
Any Mini You Buy Regardless Of Its Size and Shape?

"How To Keep Your Models On Display And Ready For Transport At The Same Time, Regardless Of How Crazy Their Design IsSave Money On Foam, And Sanity On Your Way To Games Using This Patent-Pending System"

If you would like to always have the freedom to buy any mini you want without planning how you will carry it to games, then I urge you to hide all other tabs, kick off your shoes, get comfortable and STUDY this letter - it IS that important...

Fellow Hobbyist,

How would you like to have one case that can be used to carry almost any miniature you have? And any miniature you're likely to ever buy? Would you like to save money on foam trays? Never have to plan ahead before ordering new models?

And how about having a system which can display your collection in addition to transporting and storing it? Don't you think that would be convenient? Yes, you have it right: one system to display, carry and store any mini you want. We've invented a whole new way of managing your miniatures and it's going to make your hobby life much more enjoyable.

This Letter Is Your Invitation To
Make Your Hobby Easier Forever

As a miniature enthusiast, you've likely had this problem. After buying a fantastic new release you painstakingly assemble it, sacrificing your time and sanity to the glue gods. Your back aches. You proudly look at your work from all angles. "It's good" you declare. Then it hits you: how the heck are you supposed to *safely* carry this thing around?

​Of course, you know that there's an entire industry built around answering that question. It works like this: buy new minis, order foam to fit them. You either have to measure your models to make sure they fit your new tray (sigh)... Or you get custom-cut trays designed around the shape of what you want to carry.

Then you need a bag for that foam. If you're a hobby veteran, you know how this ends after you get into your third faction, second game or third KickStarter project. People buy dozens of bags. The foam takes up more space than the miniatures!

​I discovered this early - I had a GW case with the red foam inside back in the olden days of Warhammer Fantasy®. I was playing Dwarfs but decided to get Daemons when I saw the resculpted Juan Diaz Daemonettes©. They were sleek, sexy and twisted. But their extended claws kept falling off when I put them in my case! Fitting in the cavalry and Fiends was simply impossible. The uniform foam compartments were too small!

Later, the ridiculousness of trying to fit my minis in the case only increased when I started playing Warmachine®. And then I tried Battletech®, and X-Wing®... I constantly asked myself, why should I come up with new carrying cases for all those minis?

I just felt that it was a complete rip off. Why can't there be a miniature case that adjusts to your needs? Why should you be bothered with buying trays that fit your new minis? Why should you have a separate bag for each game or faction you buy? And why on earth do we keep modelling and painting all those minis if we then lock them up in a bag and stow it away at the bottom of a closet?!

​I started looking for a better way, and after a few years of work I'm here to tell you I found it.

By reading this letter you have the chance to join a small group of hobbyists who will never have to worry about the following miniature-related pains again:

- Models not fitting your foam tray, forcing you to order new trays or find other solutions

​- Waiting days or weeks for new foam trays/bags to arrive

- Sharp bits getting stuck in the foam, risking damage when you take your minis out

- Always putting every mini in its tray individually if you keep the models on display

- Having a closet full of bags for various games you play and all the foam you bought

- The bags and foam taking up more space than the minis

- Conversions and rare models not having custom trays at all

- Gluing magnets to bases if you find foam limiting

- Carrying oversized minis in makeshift boxes filled with random packaging supplies and/or toilet paper

Never worry about any of this again by switching to a purpose-built, adjustable system for managing your minis. It will change your hobby life for the better.

No Other System Gives You So Much Freedom
Without Any Work On Your Part

Marcin Golab, PhD,
ShapeShift Inventor

You already know why I wasn't satisfied with existing ways for carrying my minis. After 20 years in the hobby and 11 years in academia I decided to find a better solution. Let's see what it could look like. Imagine having the ability to keep your models visible, rewarding your modelling and painting efforts. They can be in a display cabinet, on a shelf, next to your computer, wherever you like. Not stowed away at the bottom of a closet. Here's the fun part – they are ready for transport at the same time.

You don't have to put each individual mini in its foam compartment. You take a whole bunch of models all at the same time, put them in a bag, and you're good to go. And safe.

The best thing about this system is that whatever model you have, it's going to fit in it. It adjusts to your minis. You don't have to re-base anything, glue any precious magnets to the base. There's a mechanism that keeps your models fastened in place, and it's not affected by how big, awkwardly posed, or how heavily converted a minis is. It just works.

An added bonus is that, unlike foam, it doesn't touch the model itself, so there is zero chance of any paint getting rubbed or chipped off. You can space your troops any way you want. Your models are held securely by the edges of their bases.

How securely? Think bolted-on securely. Your precious miniatures will be literally bolted to that tray.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? Then read on. The tray I am describing can be put into a specially designed case that accounts for the height of your models. You'll have enough space inside to make the majority of troops fit in. You can put a sizeable unit of small miniatures in one spot, or use it to house a larger monster, robot or vehicle.

And that's it.

Simple, right? It's also smart because it allows you to keep any model on display and ready for transport at the same time. And it's completely new – a patent-pending system you won't get anywhere else!

ShapeShift – One System That Will Handle
Displaying And Transporting
Your Entire Collection

This smart new development I've been describing is called ShapeShift. And if you think about it, it's more than just a fancy new way of lugging your models around. It is, in fact, the first commercially available, straight-out-of-the-box SYSTEM for managing your miniature collection: it allows you to display, transport and store your miniatures using one product. No extra work required.

Gone are the days of wondering “how will I carry this to the game?” You have a one-stop solution for that now. It's modular, adjusts to your needs, and saves your efforts for actual modelling, painting and gaming. Or anything else you might want to do with your free time. Best of all, your models will look FANTASTIC in it.

We've spared no expense to make ShapeShift look as good as possible. The mirror-black trays contrast with stainless steel accessories to provide an absolutely stunning platform for your collection, without clashing with your colour scheme.​ The box holding the trays is matte black with a striking blue logo. Everything was assembled by hand, just like your models.

Painted miniatures should be the pride of our collections, but they won't be if they're kept in a grey foam tray locked in a bag stowed away in a closet. Why not keep them on a shelf, ready for transport on a spiffy ShapeShift tray?

Practicality is no longer a concern when it comes to displaying your collection. With our system, you don't need to hide the models you invested your hard-earned cash in, and then followed up by assembling and painting them. And they'll be safer than ever since nothing will be touching any part of the model apart from the base.

But don't just trust me on this, see it for yourself! Check out how ShapeShift looks with some awesome minis from Scibor's (of Scibor's Miniatures fame) personal collection:

Looking good...

... And pretty secure, if you ask this guy!

Copyright for the miniatures in the images belong to Scibor's Miniatures. Minis used with permission.

How It Works

You use the system by adjusting special sliders to the base size of your models. You can line up several models with the same base in one row, move the slider to tightly hold the bases and use thumbscrews to secure it.

The profiled edges of the sliders fit the vast majority of bases, and they are lined with rubber for extra grip. Remember when I said that rare-earth magnets don't prevent models from sliding around all that well? ShapeShift sliders do.

All the edges of the tray are also profiled and lined with rubber. This way you can hold some bases from three directions – very useful for large or heavy models, especially on round bases.

Check out the video below to see ShapeShift in action:

Copyright for the miniatures used in this video belongs to Mantic Games. Minis used with permission.

Dead simple. Super efficient.

A Choice For The Serious Wargamer
And Hobby Enthusiast

The one thing you can't do with ShapeShift is carry unassembled minis that aren't even glued to their bases. This system was designed for the serious hobbyist. Unassembled models have no place on the battlefield – we don't take precious time from our lives to meet with out buddies and watch models fall apart on a gaming table.

Let's be honest – this is not a product for everyone. There are gamers who will sooner sell their models than put them together. There are also those who use the cheapest ways of carrying miniatures because they don't care about the safety of their collections.

But, after 20 years in the hobby, I know there is a small group of wargamers who run a tight ship – they assemble and paint the miniatures they game with, and they are interested in new releases. They don't like to devote their gaming budgets to getting more foam, and they enjoy seeing their collections on display because they're proud of their work. If you're one of those gamers, ShapeShift was made for you.

A Ton Of Options To Fit Your Imagination

Ok, so you think ShapeShift might be the product for you – you have a lot of models, you don't want to worry about being able to carry any new purchases for your collection. You don't want to constantly buy new foam trays or glue magnets to every single base. You want to manage your minis to preserve your sanity and reward the time spent on assembling and painting.

How many models does a ShapeShift tray hold? How does it compare to foam? In other words, is it an efficient choice?

You'll be pleased to learn that this compact, elegant, hobby-managing tool can take quite a few models, and the combinations available to you are endless. Unlike foam, where you have a fixed number and size of the models you can put in, ShapeShift trays are entirely user-adjustable.

You can also arrange your minis any way you like to minimize wasted space.

But let's see how this all looks in practice. A single ShapeShift tray can contain:

70 models on 20mm bases​

48 models on 25mm bases​

35 models on 30mm bases​

20 models on 40mm bases​

12 models on 50mm bases​

1 model on a 120mm base - with tons of space for smaller minis​

Or any combination of the above!

All of these options on ONE square tray that measures a very compact ​23x23cm!

In functionality, this easily translates to 6 custom-cut foam trays before we count the available combinations – of which there are as many as gamers. If we just divide the available space in half to accommodate two types of bases, e.g. small and medium, or medium and large, we arrive at a staggering number of 14 combinations. 14 plus 6 for the “vanilla” options equals 20 different model configurations on one tray.

Since the same minis can be very different depending on conversions and scenic bases, I don't think it's even possible to count the actual number of combinations.

That is an insane amount of versatility you won't get anywhere else!

Let's see a sliver of these options using the example of Scibor's minis again:

Here's some Egyptians from outer space again, with plenty of room for more of their buddies

And a bunch of angry dwarves on foot, goatback and bears

Copyright for the miniatures in the images belong to Scibor's Miniatures. Minis used with permission.

Note how much available space is left in these pictures. We took minis of different sizes to showcase the adjustability and display aspects of ShapeShift. In actual use, there's nothing stopping you from filling every available centimetre on your trays.

I also want to make it clear that this product works ONLY with assembled miniatures ON BASES. I am well aware that there is a certain popular sci-fi game which has a lot of vehicles that don't have bases at all. You WON'T be able to use ShapeShift for these models. Yet.

Incredible Value

You're probably thinking, okay, so how much is this thing? I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Remember how earlier we counted up the "basic" number of combinations of minis that can fit on one tray? It came up to a round 20.

Think how much you'd have to pay for 20 custom-cut foam trays, perfectly fitting your minis, including all conversions. Of course, we are talking about an impossible, perfect scenario. In reality no foam manufacturer can account for all the various conversions and scenic bases you might want to use.

Let's be generous and say you only pay 15€ for each one of these impossible trays – although that's not realistic considering custom foam for really big models costs far, far more. 20 trays times 15€ adds up to 300€ to pay for the same versatility you get from one ShapeShift tray.

And please, stop to think about where you'd keep all those foam trays – because if you want bags for them, the costs go up through the roof! How much space would they take? With ShapeShift you don't have that problem. All your minis are either in a case or on display in a cabinet, on your shelf, next to your computer or wherever you want them!

What if I told you that for 300€ (sans shipping) you can get not one tray, but an entire set: TWO ShapeShift trays, PLUS a matte-black carrying case with an electric-blue logo which looks so stylish that your significant other won't feel ashamed to show it to guests (I know, I asked my wife)? To get the equivalent value from foam, you'd easily pay 600€ – if you manage to get Hugo Boss to design your bags. That's 300€ you save for minis, paint (or beer and pretzels) and fancy KickStarter projects. Also, Hugo Boss died in 1948.

Still not convinced? Then let me slash the price even further - you won't just pay half the money you would for foam. I will give you an additional discount of 50€ for being among the first wargamers to order ShapeShift. That reduces the price to 249€​.

Let me remind you that ShapeShift was assembled by hand – it's not just a sheet of foam that was cut with a computer-controlled machine that can churn out thousands of trays per day. The sliders were routed by hand to create the perfect profile to fit most bases.

You might have noticed that in the video we used different thumbscrews than in the pictures. Sine ShapeShift is all about giving you options, you will receive a set of both with your order.​ The wing-nuts are easier to use, but the hex-nuts look better on display.

The set is very compact. As I've mentioned before, the trays are 23 cm on each side and the case gives you 23 cm of internal height. This means that the tallest miniature you can fit inside is 22 cm.

A Special Bonus

As further proof of my good intentions, I want to offer you an addtional gift for ordering now. It's an ebook on assembling miniatures jam-packed with information you probably don't know about. Some industrial gluing secrets that will help make your minis much safer on the road and on the battlefield.

As a miniature hobbyist or wargamer you've probably had a model fall apart for no apparent reason, moments after putting it together. Or, worse yet, after it's already been painted! So was the advertising on your glue false? Why was the joint so weak?

The problem is, if you don't follow certain rules there's no way you'll achieve the rock-solid connections promised by adhesive producers. It doesn't matter what brand you use… Your carefully assembled and beautifully painted miniatures will simply break to pieces.

I want to show you exactly what you can do to avoid such hobby disasters... And start putting together some rock-solid minis!

Combining my knowledge of the plastic industry with 20 years of hobby experience, I wrote a guide which explains everything you need to know about assembling minis. (Probably more than you wanted to know, actually.)

You'll learn all about:

- the tools you can use to make assembly quick and painless;

- the types of glue used in the hobby and when to use them for maximum effect;

- preparing your miniatures before gluing;

- why glue fails and the easy steps you can take to prevent it;

- fixing poorly designed joints and making them work for you instead of against you;

- and much more…

The guide covers all types of minis: metal, plastic and resin. And it's not just a collection of my opinions – these are the best practices that manufacturers around the world live by. They have gotten the art of proper gluing down to a science.

I've cherry-picked all of the most useful info and condensed it to over 50 pages worth of the most practical hobby knowledge available anywhere with more than 40 pictures and illustrations. Sent to you in pdf format once you place your order for the ShapeShift Trailblazer Set.

This could easily be a separate product, sold on its own merits. But I'm limiting its availability to ShapeShift Trailblazers. It's yet another "unfair advantage" that will take your hobby to the next level if you order today.​

To recap, for 249€ you get:


- One Matte-Black ShapeShift Case with Blue Logo and Three Slots for ShapeShift Trays

- Two Mirror-Black ShapeShift Trays, each equipped with 5 ShapeShift Sliders

- Stainless Steel Wingnuts for fastening Sliders (the practical option)

- Stainless Steel Hex Nuts for ​fastening Sliders (which look better on display)

- A numbered Trailblazer Certificate of Ownership​

- Owner's manual​

- "The Ultimate Guide to Assembling Miniatures - a Hobbyist's Compendium​"

- Only 249€ for the entire set (with VAT, shipping not included)

Get Your ShapeShift Trailblazer Set Now

For European customers: you can use either a credit card or a standard debit card. No credit card data is stored on our servers, courtesy of Braintree Payments.

23% VAT is already included in this price. If you're outside the EU, this will be deducted from the price at checkout. You will pay 202,44€ for the actual product, but shipping will be more expensive.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Ok, I know how you might be feeling right now... This is a great deal, but it's still a steep sum to ask for. You might want to pull the trigger, yet you're kind of worried to spend this much. That's fine... Because...

​We're offering a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like what you get. You see, I'm pretty sure you'll be amazed by the unique options your new ShapeShift set offers. I'm also convinced you'll love the convenience and the way your minis look on those mirror-black trays.

That's why... If you don't like ShapeShift for any reason just pack it up and send it back to us. Since you're actually buying in the European Union, we're obligated to accept all returns within 14 days, but we go above and beyond that.

You have 60 days to return your set and we'll refund all of your money, no questions asked. Yeah, wargaming can be a little slow sometimes (especially for us working folks), so you have two months to get used to this little "revolution" ShapeShift is about to cause in your hobby.

The freedom you get with ShapeShift has no competition, and neither does this Guarantee. Feel free to check what the foam companies are doing in that department...

Of course, if you decide—for any reason at all—to return your Trailblazer Set, you still get to keep your Ultimate Guide to Assembling Miniatures pdf.​ That's more than a fair deal.

Fewer Than 100 Sets Are Available

Are you still undecided? I know all of this news might be a bit overwhelming... But if you wait now, you'll miss the boat.

You see, this really is a limited edition run. There are fewer than 100 of the sets​ you've seen above available. To make them even more special, each set has a nice, black certificate of ownership with its very own handwritten number so you'll know I wasn't bluffing.

If you feel like this system was designed for you, order ShapeShift now before you miss your chance. It's a real easy choice: 1) you are protected by our exceptional guarantee, and 2) you'll get your set quickly—ground shipping in Europe takes 2-4 business days, and if you're in North America we offer air mail by FedEx for a similar delivery speed.

So better act now and start reaping the benefits as soon as possible instead of waiting until next week only to realise everything's gone.

P.S. Almost every miniature with a base you'll ever have will fit inside this system. It can transport, store AND display your collection. You get the equivalent of 40 "impossible" custom foam trays for far less than 50% of the price. The sets look awesome. You get a money-back guarantee that no one else offers. There are fewer than 100 ShapeShift Trailblazer sets available, each with a numbered certificate. Hand-made. The system is patent pending so don't wait until someone else makes something similar. There's a lot to miss if you don't take action on this offer.

Happy Gaming!

Marcin Golab

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