Overlord 9th Age Special Edition

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A special edition of the Overlord bag for 9th Age players, all trimmed in red!

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Exploit the massive range of possibilities offered by the ShapeShift system with the Overlord bag. Carry your troops to the battlefields of the 9th Age using the Overlord’s mighty capacity and use the large front pocket for all your gaming accessories.

The Overlord is almost 2,5 times bigger than the Trailblazer case: 50 cm long, 40 cm tall and 25 cm wide. That translates to about 20”x 15”x 10” in inches. The internal space is divided into two chambers, each equipped with 10 slots for ShapeShift trays. The dividing wall between the chambers can be removed and placed back in, depending on your needs.

This bag is made of durable, thick material that’s waterproof. Its walls are reinforced with chambered polycarbonate and foam for shock absorption. A zip lock pocket runs along the entire length of the bag, and you can carry it by the handle or use the adjustable strap. The logo is made of foil, hot pressed into the material.

The variety of miniatures you can use in 9th Age games is immense, but the Overlord can handle all of them. If you never want to worry about carrying minis again, this bag is for you. You can easily put as many as six ShapeShift trays in the Overlord, though four should cover most of your needs.


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WARNING: Don’t forget to order ShapeShift trays along with your bag if you don’t have any!

Phobos Foundry is proud to support the cause of the 9th Age. And this bag is, well, made especially for the game.

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